Advantages of 3D Visualizations for Builders



For the longest time, builders sought to attract buyers for their housing projects by displaying attractive illustrations and drawings of how they would appear on completion. While these illustrations can be eye-catching and, on rare occasions, even bewitching, they are restricted by the fact of their being restricted to just two dimensions.

But now, builders can add one more dimension to their depictions of these housing projects through 3D visualizations of homes. Numerous advantages have accrued to them with the advent of this facility, not just in the sphere of marketing but also in the field of construction.

3D visualizations entail usage of specific softwares to create digital 3D models which should be, ideally, good enough to be mistaken for real photographs. This is where the agency you choose to undertake this task becomes important for it is their capabilities and skills that determine whether you get the 3D visualizations you desire.

So, let’s take a look at the advantages that builders gain by opting for 3D visualizations which are of the highest quality.

  1. Good for Marketing:

The biggest advantage of having digital 3D models is that you don’t have to wait for the completion of the construction of the project to show the houses to interested parties. They can be provided virtual reality tours which would be almost as good as visiting the house in real.

As a result, you will get a head-start in your attempts to sell the houses of your project. This may result in you making profits faster than in earlier times.

  1. Satisfaction to Consumers:

When customers are thinking about buying a home, their biggest concern is knowing how the house would look after it’s completed. Even the model houses don’t convince them as they are decorated richly in a way which might not be possible for many people.

But if you can take the customers on a virtual tour of the house, they would feel more satisfied as it would allow them to view the house in different set-ups and also with customizations that may not be available in the model house.

If there is no model house yet, the 3D visualization can easily take its place to virtually place the buyer inside the house and let them get a feel of being there. It can also let them understand how the house would appear to their eyes when completed.

  1. More Appealing Depiction:

The 3D models are usually very attractive and if you hire the right people for developing these models, they would be hard to distinguish from photographs. Furthermore, unlike 2D pictures, they can provide you various vantage points and therefore provide the view of the house from various angles.

  1. Attention to Detail:

2D images can only give a clear depiction of the overall look and the major features of the house. Whereas, with 3D visualizations, you can get to know even the little details of the buildings. This is beneficial for both the builders and the buyers as it is often little things that could create problems.

  1. Removing Distances:

With the help of 3D renderings, you can allow even those interested people who can’t physically visit your construction site to take a virtual tour of the houses being developed. This would vastly increase the potential customer base as you would be able to successfully market the homes to people who are currently in different cities or different states and are merely considering moving to this town.

  1. Various Vantage Points:

With 3D visualizations, you can show off not just the houses being built but also the other parts of the community like recreational facilities, streets and clubhouses. Furthermore, you can also look at the houses from different angles as well as the whole community from an overhead position. This would allow the interested parties to fully gauge the comforts and facilities that the community offers.

  1. Multi-faceted Depiction:

A picture is static and therefore won’t show the changes in the look of the houses through the various seasons and months. But 3D models can be modified and the change of background, surroundings, weather can be simulated to give a preview of how the house would look at different times of the year.

  1. Ensures Correct Construction:

It’s not just the customers which benefit from these visualizations. They are extremely useful in assisting the construction work also. By creating a virtual copy of how the house should look, the builders would know the direction in which they have to progress. This would drastically reduce the chances of wrong construction or errors in the finishing work.

Even if some errors do creep in, they would be sorted out before long and therefore won’t become deeply embedded in the structure.

  1. Virtual Experimentation:

Not only do 3D models ensure construction on expected lines, but also allow the builders and engineers to try out variations and different styles and see how they would shape up. With the help of simulation, they can also see the result of changes in the architectural models on the physical aspects of the building.

  1. Correct Financial Estimates:

Another way in which these models greatly help the builders is by allowing a thorough analysis of the whole building or project and thereby providing accurate estimates of the monetary requirements.

The importance is even greater for contractors placing bids for projects. If there is only a 2D model or a miniature replica, the bids could be heavily overpriced or underpriced. Accurate visualization would generate data which would give a much more accurate estimate and hence keep bids correct.


So, it is pretty clear that 3D modelling of homes and communities is here to stay and help the builders and their customers. It brings economic and aesthetic advantages as well as reassurance to the buyers that they are getting what they want. It would certainly be a huge mistake for any builder in modern times to not avail of the advantages 3D renderings offer. The advantages accruing out of having 3D models far outstrips the additional costs that it entails.

Whether you are a builder, interior designer or an aspirational home buyer 3D Rendering Technology is what you need if you want to see your dream project in reality even before its construction. Gone are the days when a paper pen was used to plan out your constructions, even 2D mapping technology is also a history.  Computers have become stronger and faster, and many people are of the belief that in the last 30 years advancement in computers have breathed a new life in the Architecture world.

Rising Animate has continuously endeavored to keep up with the technology and for decades we’ve been able to keep our name as a well-established professional company in the field of Architecture Rendering, Walk through & Flythrough, Illustration and 3D Architectural Animation, 3D Corporate Animation, 3D Industrial Animation.

These are the top 5 reasons why we believe builders, interior designers, homemakers should include 3D rendering technology in their marketing strategy:-

  1. Improve Visual Communication: – Your relationship with your clients become better only if you understand and able to create what they are trying to communicate to you, with 3D rendering technology you can offer a much authentic-looking version of structure and ideas of your clients. Thus giving them a sense of satisfaction with your services.


  1. Cost Effective: – 3D Rendering technique is much cheaper than other prototype services and models, if you think of making model prior to your project construction you’ll be charged with heaps of money for the same and the results are not that satisfactory if you compare it with rendering technology.  There is also a limitation of making rectification in other prototype services. Design costs can be drastically reduced if you switch to this amazing advance of technology.


  1. Eliminate the Guesswork: – Unlike any other techniques 3D rendering do not give any ambiguous results, You have complete control on how your project should look, you can experiment your project with different lighting conditions and type.


  1. Gives You a Competitive Edge: – As 3D rendering techniques are easily marketable and shareable, you can easily share your work with more and potential customers it will definitely give you a competitive edge to your competitors and attract more sales.


  1. Easily able to Show Options: – when one starts a new project one always have many ideas and options. if you want to opt more than one option in other prototype services, it will cost you double time and money but 3D rendering technique you can easily opt one option along with other with much less hassle. All your concepts or options can be easily shown and compared.

The beauty, simplicity, and extreme visual capabilities of 3D Rendering technology is you can easily communicate your vision in a way that no other medium can match. This advancement in technology is new normal if you don’t opt for it now, you’ll be left behind.


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