Benefits of Joining Home Builder’s Association


If you happen to be a builder in the business of developing homes, then the option of joining an association of your fellow builders must be before you. If you have resisted the urge to do so and have remained aloof, then reconsider this decision without further delay.

Why? Well, simply because these associations are not debating clubs or watery holes of socializing but play a key role in promoting the interests of the builder fraternity. They also perform the arduous task of lobbying for the interests of your professional community, something which is essential to secure more rights.

But the advantages of such associations are not restricted to the aforementioned gains. To understand this further, let’s enumerate the benefits of joining such associations in greater detail.


For people belonging to any profession, getting in touch with and developing contacts with other relevant people is a great necessity. By becoming a member of your local home builder’s association, you will be able to achieve this with ease and without too much traveling.


Every individual needs to stay abreast of the latest developments affecting his field of work. Builders are no exceptions to this rule. But how do you get all the latest news and information relevant to the industry?

The answer is – simply by becoming a member of your local home builder’s association. Almost all home builder’s association in the country conduct regular classes for their members. Here the participants are updated about the changes in laws and rules and regulations that affect them.

They are also educated about the new trends emerging in the market as well as means to stay competitive in the emerging market. In other words, the members get the lowdown on all the relevant information about the industry.

They are also educated about the new trends emerging in the market as well as means to stay competitive in the emerging market. In other words, the members get the lowdown on all the relevant information about the industry.

Periodicals and Newspapers:

Apart from holding regular classes, these home associations also run their own newspapers and periodicals. These are the best sources of information relevant to members of the industry. You will get to know about the technological advancements that are going to aid the builders as well as upcoming policy and law changes which will have a bearing upon you.

When you are a builder, you are part of a dynamic field where the expectations of the clients keep changing with times. You cannot rely on inherited traditional wisdom to remain relevant in your sector. In order to stay ahead of the curve and know what your clients expect from you, these periodicals will be of invaluable help. They will also provide you an update on the most popular new innovations that can come to your aid.


Like any other community of professionals, builders too need to have their voice heard by men and women making policy. By lending your support to organisations like home builders association, you would be strengthening them and giving boost to their capacity for lobbying with policy makers.

The more members an association has, the greater its capacity to be recognised and treated as an important body. Once, it attains that status, both bureaucrats and politicians drafting laws will be keen to heed their advice as well as take their inputs. There are already, various examples before us which show the lobbying capacity of these organisations.

They have brought in several changes in rules and regulations that have greatly helped the industry and have lessened the financial weight on the builders. Both at the level of state legislatures as well as federal institutions, there have been instances of builder’s association bringing in rule changes that have gone a long way to benefit their members. (3rd copy)


Another great benefit of becoming a member of such associations is the recognition and credibility that comes your way. When clients are looking at various builders in the field and planning to choose one, those who are part of the association and are recognised by them are bound to inspire greater confidence than those devoid of it.

Furthermore, having the approval of your local home builder’s association helps you get greater recognition within the community also. The name of your company may become part of the association’s website or portal and may become known through word of mouth. In an industry where credibility counts for a lot, this is a precious asset.

Collective Action:

Everyone knows the power of collective action. In most industries, people with similar interests band together to gain a better deal. Fighting individually, they may not be able to stand up to vested interests on the other side nor create a big enough challenge to resist threats to their interests. But as part of a larger group, you will be able to add your voice to the chorus for a better deal.

The value of collective action becomes most evident when it comes to negotiating with organisations of other groups that the builder’s community deals with. For instance, suppliers of raw materials and providers of ancillary services can be negotiated with by the association as a whole to secure better deals for the whole group. This cannot be accomplished by a solitary company or group.

Apart from the monetary gains such collective actions entail, there is also the necessity of sticking together when facing threats which will affect the entire industry. Very often, court cases may have bearing on the entire group of builders in a city or state or even the whole country. For such cases, it is of paramount importance that the builders stick together and present a united front. This would allow them to hire the best legal aid as well as pool together greater resources.


The advantages of becoming a member of a home builder’s association are numerous and negatives almost non-existent. In fact, it can be said without any exaggeration that it is imperative for builders to stick together to secure their interest. It’s the old axiom at play: united we stand, divided we fall. This applies to home builders as accurately as it does to any other profession.

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