Rising Animate provides a number of professional and state of the art architectural drafting services, of which you can find the details below. Our services are rendered using both 3D and 2D structures and we can help you achieve a flawless architectural model for your building plan.


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Land Surveying

Construction drafting, commercial drafting, and topographical profiling are some of the strong areas of our land surveying team. They can also provide you with accurate surveys such as boundary survey, construction survey, alta survey, and utility survey. Be it a commercial building or a personal venture, you can depend on our team for high quality surveys that will help your budget ends as well as decision making quality. Some of the software we use are Autodesk, Autocad, Civil 3D, Revit, etc. We have an experienced team that has handled multiple projects before, so you can rest assured that your project will be tended to with the highest of professional approach.

Construction Drawing

What a good construction drawing can do is optimize the entire construction process and thereby save time, effort, and budget. Our team has been specifically trained to keep these three factors in mind while they develop construction drawings, and as a result, their drawings are highly accurate, realistic, and personalized keeping in mind the needs of the contractor. Construction drawings are after all the central piece on a builder’s board, and the drawing we provide you with is made clear to the point that it will give rise to no communicative errors, thus serving the central role. Be it elevations, building sections, assembly details, floor plans, or scaled construction drawings, you can find a professional solution from Rising Animate.

Presentation Drawing

Come to us with the least bit of planning you have got, and we assure you that we will build a completely functional presentation that you can use. And once we get the go through a quick 3D structure can be developed that will serve all display purposes. Our approach while creating a presentation is to make a walkthrough that will ensure that the viewer feels like they are actually inside the building. Thus we ensure that our presentations always fit the purpose of our clients. And since all presentations are developed with the latest 3D rendering tools you can expect an error free and quickly ready presentation to provide your contractors with.

Permit Set

Having problems with getting your permit approved? The permit plan we develop is personalized to include all the elements that will ensure that it gets passed by the government checks with ease. These elements include floor plans, site plans, safety protocols, materials, etc. Our team has been serving the architectural drafting industry for quite a while and therefore are trained in the various nuances of it. This helps them develop specialized drafts for each purpose, while at the same time ensuring that they are highly accurate. They have been trained to keep the clients’ recommendations in the centre of the process and also deliver speedy permit drafts.

Redline marks-ups

Require changes to your current CAD drawing? Our CAD team provides redrafting services such as redline mark-ups and can redraft your drawing from scratch while integrating the required changes. Our industry knowledge helps us redraft CAD drawings in a manner that it’s comprehensible by all necessary parties and thus will ease your process of getting the necessary permissions and contracts. We have also put into process a separate quality assurance segment so that we always deliver error free work when it comes to redline mark-ups.

CAD conversion

Although CAD drawings have been the preferred method of construction planning for quite a while, there are always clients who have their plans in a different format or platform. Our CAD team are trained to convert any building design to the CAD version and thereby develop a 3D rendered model that can be used for all modern purposes. The model we develop will be able to integrate into any platform with ease and serve all reconstruction purposes necessary. Needless to say our process is highly accurate and we also provide hand drawn plans if needed.

SoftPlan - Drafting and Detailing

We also provide SoftPlan based drafts for all buildings with all necessary details integrated into them. The SoftPlan software allows for creation of highly detailed and state of the art plans that can help achieve the perfect drafts for various construction needs and safety protocols. The drafts developed by our team can be used to easily explain any building idea to another party and we ensure that it’s created in a highly comprehensible manner. SoftPlan 3D rendered plans are absolutely useful and our team can develop them within short deadlines.



When it comes to innovation, Don't lose the plot!


One of the primary roles of a builder is to ensure that their ideas are well communicated to all clients and contractors. And for this purpose a CAD drawing is not sufficient since you can’t expect the other party to always have knowledge of CAD. In such cases an Architectural BIM serves the purpose of a virtual tour that is necessary to communicate the architectural ideas. Rising Animate provides singular platform based and highly accurate building information models. With the help of our BIMs you will be able to analyze and make changes to your plan with ease. Additionally, this also increases chances of design approval since the quality of accuracy is made higher.


A Structural BIM serves a plethora of purposes for any architect. Apart from a highly detailed structural plan these include a better idea for the safety issues of the building, better management of data, and also chances at saving budget due to making better decisions regarding the necessities. Another huge help that a Structural BIM provides is the ability to accurately select a project timeline. Here at Rising Animate we use state of the art software such as Revit and Civil 3D to create personalized and accurate Structural BIM for any type of building plan provided.

Scan to BIM

Geographical data is highly important to any architect. We use 3D laser scanning procedures to provide accurate BIM scans of any geographical surface necessary. This digital geographical information can be used for creating plans, performing evaluations and assessments, and also for creating design structures. Our process of providing Scan to BIM services is highly technology driven and we use software such as Revit Architecture and Revit MEP. The raw data recorded by the 3D laser scanning tools is processed through these software to provide you with a clear image of the geographical status of any building location or area.

CAD to Revit Conersion

While CAD designs are useful for their own purposes, they cannot serve a universal purpose. This is done through 3D models created using Revit and they also provide various additional benefits. So apart from the ability to communicate the details of your architectural plan to the contractors and builders with ease you also get to have all the necessary information integrated within a singular platform. Our team includes experts of conversion of AutoCAD files, pdf files, and images to Revit based 3D models. These models are data oriented and highly adaptive to any other platform.

As built model

As built models refer to the BIM drawing of a building along with the hard copy drawings providing any modification details, contractor designs, shop drawings, and field request based changes that have been made. We create the necessary paperwork that is provided with an as built model both during the process of BIM creation and after it, as per your requirements. Some of the tools we use for such a purpose are AutoCAD, AutoCAD MEP, Revit, and Sketchup. We have served a plethora of clients from various industries so you can expect highly efficient results regardless of the building type.

Family Creation

Our BIM experts provide the service of family creation via Revit for every individual model of the family. This is a task left up to the highest of our experts since it is important to always maintain the family geometry while creating the family, and we believe this requires industry skilled hands. So, if you require intelligent and smart models that also provide the necessary parametric data, hire our services and we promise to work with buildings of any size. Our family models are accurate to the point of looking absolutely realistic for every individual model.

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