Integrated Security & Surveilance Solutions

The brand of Emegatron derives innovation and excellence in surveillance camera and systems for residential and commercial settings. An ambitious brand, Emegatron values of safety and security for its clientele while providing highly customizable, reliable and futuristic solutions.



Client:   E Megatron
Sector:   Security & Surveilance
Year:   2016

To create a flexible identity system which explained the values of Emegatron. The identity was to be aimed at all users who could approach the brand for its reliability & flexibility.

The EMegatron mark was customized to stand for integrated security & surveillance services. The hexagon shaped shield stands for security and the inner circle depicts the eye of a surveillance camera, both fitted inside another hexagon. The hexagon is the most complex regular polygon that can fill a plane and are the closest shape to a circle that can still form a solid grid, thus making them the strongest and most optimum way to make connections.

The simple, futuristic mark comprehended the brand’s language to depict the confidence and boldness of a reputed technology driven company.


Brand Development, Design Communication, Web Design



Art Direction:   R. Madhavan
Graphic Design:   Thomas Lamar
3d Visualiser:   Marshall Mathers
Lighting:   Satyamoorthy