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Inspired by the design of everyday things, KORU brings together design and functionality, concept and creativity, aesthetics and applicability through a mix of art and technology. Die-hard creatives at heart, they tend an equal love for emerging technologies and trends, without ever losing the sight of core values that matter to businesses around the world.



Client:   KORU
Sector:   Hospitality
Year:   2016

To design a UX for workforces that is tailored to meet the needs of employees, managers and business owners. An offering that will not only result in a happier work environment, but also boost performances, productivity, and revenues. With a decade of industry experience, Koru aimed at transforming the way businesses work.

Ampersand helped KORU in re-aligning their brand identity and communication with their aspired brand positioning. The approach was to design an identity that reflected change. Transforming an inflexible UX into a Consumer grade new generation design, the new identity also reflected the internal culture at KORU which is young, dynamic and evolving.

Inspired by the Koru fern that represents growth in multiple layers, the word mark followed the characteristics of the fern. Ampersand developed a list of collaterals, website design while providing the client with a detailed brand guideline.


Brand Development, Design Communication, Web Design



Art Direction:   R. Madhavan
Graphic Design:   Thomas Lamar
3d Visualiser:   Marshall Mathers
Lighting:   Satyamoorthy