Food & Nightlife Magazine

Trofii was to be positioned as a sophisticated, elite magazine dedicated to food, beverages and nightlife of City. A must have guide for people who want to explore food & leisure, Trofii was aimed at providing hands-on information about entertaining & happening trends in an elegant yet fun style.



Client:   Trofii
Sector:   Luxury Bath fittings
Year:   2016

Trofii represented the who’s who of city and so had to reflect a look and feel that was sophisticated, classic yet modern. only dedicated food & nighlife magazine, Trofii was aimed to offer intriguing options for the reader while keeping them hooked.

From keywords to visual cues, an identity, using a unique typeface was designed, which is elegant, vibrant and modern. The typeface describes a modern take on stylised stencil used with its classic foundation type carried forward in a very tactile manner. The symbol translates the aspired brand positioning with a positive connotation which is reinterpreted in a modern way. An emblem that communicates authority, it also showcases a contemporary feel. The most dominant element of the emblem is the mnemonic of the one-eyed night owl with an old lens. The owl resonates the magazine’s role in similar ways, as it is a wise bird, an observer. The one eyed lens of the owl is a classic reference of the old times and the technology of that era.

Over a period of time a person can predict trends, give reviews and recommendations. The moon cycle depicts the above, pointing to the continuity of the whole process. Some more design elements like wine glass, shrimp, olives are industry relevant elements and the stars, which closely represent the brand aspirations.


Brand Development, Design Communication, Web Design



Art Direction:   R. Madhavan
Graphic Design:   Thomas Lamar
3d Visualiser:   Marshall Mathers
Lighting:   Satyamoorthy