Liger brings together the tamper proof Blockchain technology and the ever flourishing Casino Industry. Aimed to become the preferred mod of payment for offline and online casinos, online fantasy sports, and sports, Liger’s unique staking mechanism encourages the initial participants to hold on to their tokens for the long run. On top of it, a burning mechanism carves the path to amplified demand at the exchanges.



Client:   Liger
Sector:   Web Design
Year:   2016

Complementing Liger’s individuality, a logo that reflected the brand’s persona was designed that translating into luxury, influence, trust, legacy and glamour based on the theme of revolutionary cryptocurrency.

Intrepreting the above values, coins were adapted to be the primary element of the brand.The concept represented boldness & glamour and the character of Liger captured in a gold coin. The use of gold in contemporary lines and preferential treatment brought forth a unique sleekness, indicating “Liger coin’s” global implication as the most accepted currency.


Website Design, Website Development



Art Direction:   R. Madhavan
Graphic Design:   Thomas Lamar
3d Visualiser:   Marshall Mathers
Lighting:   Satyamoorthy